Week 13 – Tumalo Falls

#87 Tumalo Falls

27 March 2016 // Bend, Oregon

I couldn’t have asked for a better Easter Sunday this year. I’m so glad we decided to make this the weekend we took off for Central Oregon… We spent hours around all kinds of gorgeousness.

We did a sunrise breakfast, then church. After lunch at a brewery sand some time at a dog park, we decided to hunt down waterfalls.

Typically Tumalo Falls is a pretty easy spot to drive most of the way. Road closures, though, meant having to walk two miles each way with snow coming down, on and off with the sunlight.

We spent hours waking and chatting and Beignet found out that snow is pretty much the greatest thing ever. And after a good while of enjoying it, we were treated to a killer view.

#88 UO Restart

28 March 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

I resumed taking and teaching classes at UO today, after being on leave since mid-December. Beignet isn’t too thrilled about her increase in home alone time, but in some ways it’s actually pretty nice to be back.

Three and a half months off is a freaking luxury. I don’t think they could’ve been better timed. Having the time off to go to Africa, work on my thesis, take care of Deanna when she got sick, and help Beignet adjust to the house really paid off.

Here’s hoping that this quarter is a balanced one. Graduation is coming and that’s something to look forward to. In the meantime, there’s a lot of perks to the grad school life to enjoy and keep busy with for the rest of the year.

#89 Oregon Campus

29 March 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

Second day back after a long hiatus from grad school and things are already going full swing.

A big chunk of that is because there is so much administrative stuff and so many hoops to jump through after going on leave. Making sure I have insurance again, making sure all my registration issues are taken care of.

Thankfully the class I’m teaching this term looks like it’ll be a good one. International Political Economy, FTW.

#90 Oakway Ctr.

30 March 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

Glad my dog has a facial expression to say “suckkkk itttt!” Also, glad it’s Friday.

I forgot to do a good things gratitude post earlier this week but it’s never really too late so here we go.

Bend – So glad this city and the surrounding area exists. Had such a good weekend there last weekend. I loved it. Deanna loved it. The dog loved it.

Tumalo Falls – likewise, this was not just a great sight to behold but we got snow on the hike for Beignet to freak out about.

Other People’s Food – This podcast series by The Sporkful has been great. It looks at the interplay between race and culture relations with gastronomy. It’s gotten me to think more deeply than ever about Sriracha’s popularity, the presentation factor of stews, and the evolution of Italian food in new ways.

#91 Pesto Sauce

31 March 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

Lets see here, so it’s 2016, meaning it’s been nearly seven years since I studied abroad in Italy as a college student. That experience had such a profound impact on me in so many ways, but largely on my relationship with food.

I could walk to a market and get only the ingredients I needed for that day specifically. I could get some really fresh ingredients and it was the first time I tried to get more creative with the meals I made for myself. Plus I really learned how to appreciate simplicity and execution in certain dishes and I still do.

One of the most valuable experiences I had was being able to take a one-day cooking course. I remember being amazed and surprised at how relatively simple a homemade pasta was, and how much more rewarding it was to make. Also, its taste was far superior.

Fast forward to tonight when I had a terrific and tasty time tonight testing some of my new pasta making equipment.

Started by working on a homemade pesto sauce, which turned out to be pretty fun. I’m a huge fan of pretty much anything with pesto in it, so being able to make some was a treat.

#92 Running Bridges

01 April 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

I clocked in an eight mile run this week. That’s another new personal best.

Exactly one more month until the half-marathon. This has never felt more possible and even if I don’t get onore ounce of enjoyment out of it, I’ve already liked it a lot more than I expected to. Did I mention that I’ve even acquired a bit of a taste for GU? That’s happened too.

There’s a number of reasons I’m running this half but a big one is to raise some money for Liberty in North Korea. I’m still a good ways away from my goal, but there is time. Please support me at classy.org/lazarorescue

#93 Beigface

02 April 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

This freaking dog… so loved… so nuts.

I’m pretty sure we took home the most entertaining dog we could have. This one has so much personality, from being afraid of basically everything, burping more than any dog I’ve seen, having more energy than anyone knows what to do with, and being the nosiest, we’ve come to love it all.

So thankful for the weekends that let me spend more time with Beignet and Deanna, the ladies of the house.