Week 27 – Ivy & JB in PDX

#185 Ivy & JB in Portland

03 July 2016 // Portland, Oregon

How do you Portland in 36 hours? Basically, you eat. Pick berries, then eat. Go see a waterfall, and eat. Powell’s of course, then more food.

That was basically our task at hand when Ivy and JB came up to visit us for the weekend but only really had one and a half days to spend exploring my favorite big city. There was Pok Pok and Powell’s and Salt & Straw and all the things I’d deem as a Portland must. Not an easy task when that’s an ever growing list.

I’m satisfied with all we got done. Most of all, it was great getting to spend some time with these two again.

#186 Fourthland

04 July 2016 // Portland, Oregon

It was a very good 4th with some very good friends to wrap up a very good weekend.

This week will once again be full of hustle and work and contemplating options and balancing money and trying to figure out what’s next in life.

None of that matters while fireworks are going off. While the sky is on fire and flecks of gold rain down on the waterfront.

#187 The Olympic Trials

05 July 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

The Olympic Trials are in town!

For the most part, this means my favorite restaurants will be unusually packed and that I’ll have to start parking somewhere else to get to the University.

Other than that, though, it’s pretty great having some of this excitement around Eugene.

#188 Thesis Revisions

06 July 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

Thesis crunch time is in full swing!

I don’t know how my advisor did it, but in about a week she managed to make corrections and edits for all 240 pages. Hopefully she’s still got some energy left for the final copy which I’m hurting to get done tonight.

Less than a week until I defend this thing. End in sight!

#189 Five of Seven

07 July 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

After selling back a ton of extra books to Powell’s, Deanna and I made quite a decent amount of money in the form of Powell’s gift cards that we should have no trouble using up.

We started by trying to recover the lost childhood artifact of the entire Harry Potter series.

For less than $50, we’re off to a good start. In one swoop I managed to find used copies of everything but books two and seven, all in the familiar friendly paperback covers we’ve come to love.

#190 Ellie & Sabrina Visit

08 July 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

We got the treat of having our friends Ellie and Sabrina come through Eugene on their epic Portland and Yosemite road trip.

Per usual we got to take them out to Sweet Life.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Beignet loved them too much and I had an excuse to test out a chicken nugget recipe I’ve been wanting to make.

#191 Emerlads Night

09 July 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

Baseball parks are pretty much my favorite place to be this time of the year.

Truth be told, the main reason we went to this game was because we thought it would be the Emeralds’ tribute night to Prince. Unfortunately I read the schedule wrong and they were wearing pinstripes instead of their special Purple Rain jerseys, but we had a good time anywho.

Baseball is summer, even when you’re at the lowest level of minor leagues.