Week 02 – Jozibound

#10 Fundraising

10 January 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I are super excited to announce the start of one of the big adventures we’re undertaking… we’re looking to fund the refugee of a rescue through Liberty in North Korea.

I interned with LiNK over three years ago, just shortly after Deanna and I begun dating. Although I’m pretty sure most of my friends have heard from me at some point what they’re up to, if you haven’t, you’ve got to check out their website at libertyinnorthkorea.org to see how supporting refugees can help further empower the people of North Korea to change their country from within.

It takes about $3000 to rescue a refugee. I’ve had the opportunity to meet more than a few from North Korea, and their stories are the most amazing. They’re the best reminders on how to celebrate life. I’ll be setting up and sharing a fundraising page for this quest soon.

#11 The Steven Scott Foster Podcast

11 January 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

Had a blast spending a good chunk of the day talking to Steven and recording a new episode for his podcast.

We talked everything from my last visit to South Africa to narratives for the new year to big shifts in our mindsets concerning our careers.

Steven’s interview skills are tops, and just keep getting better. His is a podcast I really enjoy new episodes from.

#12 Packing Night

12 January 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

I suck at getting to sleep before an exciting happening, last night was no exception. No big. Thirty-something hours on the plane will help get me caught up.

Last night was an adrenaline rush, as it finally sunk in deeper that in a matter of hours, I’d be back where I was three years ago, surrounded by pink and brown graffitied walls.

I really can’t wait. I wonder which of the kids that remember me will be the first one I see. I’m even actually excited to deal with the long flight… Though the chance to sleep may be a factor there.

#13 Party in the Sky

13 January 2016 // Los Angeles, California

Leg two of the really long journey to Joburg… LAX to London Heathrow. Not exactly my favorite airports but let’s make it a good time.

I’m really glad it worked out for us to do this trip via Virgin Airlines… That is a fave, especially for back-to-back really long flights.

So looking forward to seeing some familiar (but now more grown up) faces when our last plane finally touches down. That still feels a ways away right now, so for the moment I’m looking forward to catching up on the movies of 2015 via in-flight entertainment.


Actually still a party at LAX. The plane had a malfunctioning part and they needed it to be brought in from the other side of LA by somebody on motorbike. That sounds more like a Ryan Gosling movie plot to me, so we opted to hop on the next plane over.

#14 Heathrow Layover

14 January 2016 // London, England

Back to back flights in double digit hours, but I guess if that’s what it takes to get us to South Africa, so be it.

Not to mention, we got eight hours of London-time in-between. If the Heathrow Airport wasn’t so far away from where our London friends live, and if British airport security wasn’t so strict, it would’ve been really neat to pay some a visit.

But, alas, we settled for this meat pie and pint of ale combo.

#15 Arrived

15 January 2016 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Man, it is so good to be here- and I’m not just saying that because our arrival puts an end to a two hour drive, two hour flight, three hour layover, nine hour flight, seven hour layover, and ten hour flight.

Seriously, if anyone would like to reassemble Pangea so all these places could be closer together, be my guest.

In the meantime, trying to take it all in through a sleep deprived state. The old faces. The new faces. Having Deanna see it all for the first time.

It’s been a very hard-to-believe-it’s-real day.

#16 The Courtyard of 5Cees

16 January 2016 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Oh man, everything comes rushing back in the middle of this courtyard. Some things changed a great deal… Other things seem like they never will.

Today’s excitement was provided by Lloyd the dog. Some of these kids were more nervous around Lloyd than they were around lions.

Our first day was a mostly open one… A slow Saturday that allowed us to spend a lot of playtime with the kids. The perfect way to slide back into things.