Week 07 – First Married Valentines

#45 First Married Valentines

14 February 2016 // Portland, Oregon

We’re sick!

Obviously not how we would’ve chosen to spend our first Valentine’s Day since getting married, but the important thing is that we’re spending it together, regardless of the circumstances.

But this has been a good reminder that Love isn’t just about the mountaintop highs all the time, but ultimately about being present and together.

And we’ll go ahead and grab our fancy dinner eventually.

#46 Phonewreck

15 February 2016 // Portland, Oregon

I’ve owned iPhones since 2008… that’s nearly a decade, and in that time I’ve managed to avoid those cracked and busted screens I see time to time.

That ended today on my run. A stray planter managed to grab hold of my foot and I made a fantastic landing on my phone and hand, busting both in the process.

Well, bummer! I was hoping my phone would’ve lasted me until September or October when the next round of iPhones gets released. I don’t like feeling the need to always have the latest thing, so having a phone that lasted three years worth of phone releases would’ve been really sweet. I probably would have stuck it out, too, except this guy can’t even recharge anymore. There are worse things in life than needing a new phone, I suppose.

#47 OHSU Skybridge

16 February 2016 // Portland, Oregon

Went on a two mile run in the morning and a two mile meander in the afternoon.

This is the longest suspended pedestrian skybridge in North America at 200 meters.

More importantly, it’s the best place in North America to walk slowly, breathing heavily, and humming John Williams scored while pretending to be Darth Vader.

#48 Getting to Go

17 February 2016 // Portland, Oregon

Finally able to be back home now after one stay away from home after another. Maybe I just needed to be reminded of how good it can be to be at home.

Here’s a few things I’m appreciating as well—

OHSU– especially for their really pretty campus on a mountain that offers so many great views of Portland. Nobody wants to go to the hospital, but if you must, might as well have it be a pretty one.

Big Hero 6– Got to rematch this movie the other night and it held up really well. Just a reminder that I loved it start to finish.

Kitchen Stories– found a new favorite app for publishing my recipes.

#49 Book Club

18 February 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I checked another item off our list. We started up a book club through our church. It’s our first time ever going book clubbin’. So, when we decided to revisit A Million Miles in a Thousand Years for our book club, I wondered a few things… how would the book hold up? What would I see differently about living a good story? What lessons would be reinforced? Most of all, would I still be able to say that I’m living a good story or was it just a passing idea?

Here’s my take on A Million Miles in a Thousand Years five years down the line.

It’s still a great book, and one of my all time favorites. It still does a really good and unique job at putting words to things we know deep down are important.

I still believe in the importance of living a good story and I think that whenever you see somebody who’s really doing it, it’s a really beautiful thing that reminds you what it’s all about.

The best storylines aren’t necessarily about the places you go or, but about what challenges you the most.

#50 Onion Quiche

19 February 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

I got my wish for a simple night in, Deanna going for Julia Child covers, and the early 2000s streaming on Netflix. Ah 2000-2003, the golden era of Ben Stiller.

By the way, Deanna nailed it on this quiche. Taking things as simple as eggs, onions, and flour and whipping it up into this… That takes skill.

Things are starting to return to ordinary, and at the moment that is a welcome return. I’m sure our appetites for adventure won’t be dormant for very long, but for now I appreciate the reality that there’s nowhere I’d rather be at the moment than right at home.

#51 Greenhill Animal Shelter

20 February 2016 // Eugene, Oregon

Took a trip to the animal shelter today to browse their selection of puppies.

They don’t respond to Sarah McLaughlin tunes the way they’d lead you to believe.

I had a good moment with Sawyer the Siberian, though.