#305 Return of the Mac

01 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

After a frustrating three weeks of waiting for this repair to be finished, I finally got my computer back. Now it’s time to catch up on writing, grad school, Skype dates, and a whole bunch of other things.

#306 Just Like The Country

02 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Went out with Deanna’s family to Marie Callendars, where the window panes in our own little room looked just like the country… almost.

#307 A Stroll After Church

03 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Had a fantastic Sunday with Deanna after church, consisting of California Pizza Kitchen, walking in the park, a movie, and salsa lessons.

#308 Water Towers and Telephone Lines

04 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

My usual drive home takes me from somewhere new in Central Bakersfield. Typical street corners look something like this.

#309 The Olive Drive Railroad

05 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

The drive from my place to Deanna’s is about ten minutes. Unless this damn train shows up.

#310 Kindergarten Free Play

06 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Subbed for a kindergarten class today… surprisingly more subdued than they usually are.

#311 Thursday Night Dancing

07 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

One of my favorite parts of the week has become dancing on Thursday nights at Club Odyssey. Loving the Latin dance community there.

#312 Tea Tasting Teavana

08 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

After upgrading my phone, I decided to test it’s camera prowess while we were nabbing samples at Teavana.

#313 Hiking at Frazier Park

09 November 2013 // Frazier Park, California

Got in a quality hike with Ben and Allison out in Frazier Park, one of the better kept secrets of Kern County.

#314 Bagels & Blenderz

10 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Stopped by for a breakfast burrito after church. Great place.

#315 Newborn Nephew

11 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Went over to Andy and Shelly’s for a chili dinner and got to spend some time with the young ones.

#316 Long Term Gig

12 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Started my long term assignment in a special ed classroom at Sierra. Liking it so far, which is good since it’ll last through December.

#317 Public Library

13 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Had to run an errand in the Old Town part of Bakersfield, which doesn’t have a whole lot of activity going on these days. It does have a very classic library.

#318 Oregon Street Fall

14 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

There aren’t too many places in Southern California that get a proper fall, and that’s a shame. But– I did find one street that was in style, and it was awesome.

#319 Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

15 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Got to spend the night with Simon and Luke, watching Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. Before we watched the movie, though, we would have to read the book.

#320 Rosemary’s Creamery

16 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Deanna and I wrapped up a successful date night with some good sundae and sherbert.

#321 Seoul Korean BBQ

17 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Went to get some Korean food with Deanna and our friend Connie to hear about her adventures in Nigeria.

#322 Pho with Ben

18 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Got to swap more stories with Ben over a couple bowls of pho.

#323 Target Night

19 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Deanna got out of class early. Not that early, so everything in Bakersfield was closed, except for Target. We went to visit her grandma, then we went to Target to have an ugliest outfit contest.

#324 Luking is Looking

20 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Got to hang out with Luke and Simon at dinner tonight.

#325 Andrew Bird at UCSB

21 November 2013 // Santa Barbara, California

Got Deanna tickets to see Andrew Bird for her birthday. The first conversation either of us recall was about his music.

#326 The Santa Barbara Courthouse

22 November 2013 // Santa Barbara, California

After exploring Montecito Beach with Bre, we went to go have some fun downtown, going by the courthouse first.

#327 Lizard’s Mouth Pizza Party

23 November 2013 // Santa Barbara, California

Finally accomplished one of my longtime goals of throwing a pizza party at Lizard’s Mouth, out when the stars were bright.

#328 Gabe’s Rejection Therapy

24 November 2013 // Goleta, California

Mission successful: This guy would not let Gabe walk his two pugs around the Camino Real Marketplace.

#329 Chuy’s Happy Hour

25 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Ben and I discovered a very happy hour indeed. From dollar tacos to to five buck sliders, our mission to discover something awesome about Bakersfield’s food options was a successful one.

#330 Love for Thanksgiving

26 November 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Spent my evening at the Bridge, helping them prepare a couple thousand turkeys. Love it when people make helping people into a party.

#331 San Diego at Night

27 November 2013 // San Diego, California

Drove into San Diego in the day, and in the evening went out on a photoshoot with Jeremy. Don’t have a tripod, but I was able to turn some walls into makeshift tools for some night photography.

#332 Mauling the Bird

28 November 2013 // San Diego, California

Had a pretty awesome Thanksgiving with my parents and the Orlinas. We go all hands in.

#333 Korean Food with Chris

29 November 2013 // San Diego, California

Had a wonderful catch up session with Chris. Also, discovered an awesome Korean restaurant- piles and piles of food for only eight bucks during the lunch hour.

#334 Randy

30 November 2013 // San Diego, California

Had a good time in South Park getting caught up on Randy’s stories from Texas and what’s been going on around San Diego since I’ve left.


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