#32 Wits University

01 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

I got to walk around and explore Wits University, Joburg’s biggest university. Whether it be my own UCSB, or all the other schools I visited on tour, I’ve missed college campuses.

#33 Fine Town Outreach

02 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Got to participate in a community outreach event in Fine Town- a Johannesburg township where an estimated 500 orphan-headed households are located.

#34 Playtime

03 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Another day in the life of some of my favorite boys. The day’s adventure? It involves an empty garbage bin and an empty stroller.

#35 Pick N Pay

04 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

One of my favorite things to do while visiting another country is to go to the grocery store. Oddly simple, but that kind of gives you one of the better glimpses at everyday life!

On a less ordinary note, to get to the grocery store, I had to drive in opposite traffic for the first time!

#36 Dodgeball, Maybe

05 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Just before dinner, this sport erupted, which seemed to be a mix between cricket, dodgeball, and rugby. Whichever way, it was fun!

#37 New Soccer Table

06 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

The girls’ dorm just got a new foosball table donated!

#38 Urban Environment

07 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Spent most of a calmer, quieter day within the centre. Pretty relaxing.

#39 Solomon

08 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

If I’m allowed to admit to having favorites, Solly is one of them! It’s probably partly because he has an obvious best friend and partly because every time he sees me, he yells my name from across the center, smiles real big, and doesn’t really have much more to say after that.

#40 The 5Cees Dance Party

09 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

A random dance party erupted in the centre. I definitely approve.

#41 HTC Bramley

10 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Ajith took me to the church where he is a pastor, out in Bramley, a much quieter Joburg suburb.

#42 Elias

11 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Elias: Take a picture of me to put online for the American girls.

Alright, Elias.

#43 Wimpy

12 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Got my first taste of South African fast food… the Steak, Egg, & Chips combo at Wimpy, while waiting for my flight to Cape Town.

#44 Bo-Kaap

13 February 2013 // Cape Town, South Africa

Bo-Kaap is Cape Town’s Malay Quarters, basically a gentrified township. Its close-knit Muslim community and these awesomely colored houses give it a lot of personality.

#45 Castle of Good Hope

14 February 2013 // Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town’s oldest standing building. It’s quite large, and from the top, you get a really good view of the city. Spent a good amount of time exploring this yesterday.

#46 Penguin Watching

15 February 2013 // Simon’s Town, South Africa

I took the train south to Simon’s Town and spent my day hanging out with the penguins at Boulders Beach. Day well spent.

#47 St. James Beach

16 February 2013 // St. James, South Africa

I took the train and got a hop on/hop off pass which allowed me to visit every stop on the way to Simon’s Town. St. James had one of the better beaches, and fun looking booths.

#48 Table Mountain

17 February 2013 // Cape Town, South Africa

I got to take a cable car up to the top of Table Mountain. Some amazing views from up top.

#49 Cape Town

18 February 2013 // Cape Town, South Africa

‘Twas my last full day in Cape Town. One last chance to visit all my fave spots, and to eat at my favorite food places once more. I’m gonna miss it!!

#50 Greenmarket Square

19 February 2013 // Cape Town, South Africa

Glad I put off buying most of my souvenirs up until the very last minute… the open air market in Greenmarket Square gives you the proper haggling experience.

#51 Back at the Cente

20 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Getting back into the swing of things in Joburg. It’s good to be with the kids again.

#52 Jozi Boyz

21 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

I missed my Joburg crew, and my Joburg crew missed me. Back to hanging with these dudes.

#53 Back Alley Sports

22 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

I’ve learned about 40 variations of games you can play with a back alley and a soccer ball, thanks to spending time at 5Cees.

#54 Photobombing with the Kiddos

23 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

I’ve been teaching the kids about photobombing. And other valuable life lessons.

#55 BBC Church

24 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

I finally got to go to church at Bryanston, after hearing so much about it and meeting everybody each Wednesday. I felt quite at home. Having an IKEA-like living room helps, of course.

#56 Night Study

25 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

The new evening homework hour isn’t exactly the most popular with the kids at the centre, but we’re going for higher marks!

#57 5Cees

26 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

With less than a month left in South Africa, I’m aiming to make the most of my remaining days at the centre. It’ll nice to be back home, but these kids are gonna be tough to leave.

#58 Amahle

27 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

I’m on a quest to get portraits of all of the kids at the centre. Amahle is on a quest to do some painting.

#59 Margaret & Gugu

28 February 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

These two requested a portrait session while I was hanging out with Sifundo after study hour.


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