Very Old Blog

A consequence of having blogged for such a long time? Being able to see how crazily my style of writing has shifted over the times. There were moments I fancied myself to be an entreprenuerial guru a-la Chris Guillebeau… even though nobody who read my stuff was really in need of that sort of advice from me. There were other times I thought of myself as a writer of big spiritual ideas, or as a constant travel blogger. I don’t think I’ve really settled on a style to this day, I’ve just also given up trying to write anything that doesn’t feel like what I want to write at the moment.

Here’s an odd mix of what it was like on this site before I fully committed to that. It’s an odd mix, but there’s a few nuggets I’m proud of in here!

May 2015

April 2015

March 2015

February 2015

  • Time Wealth – Being abundant with time is an underrated sort of wealth. (02/02/15)
  • Helpers… In The Hardest Places – A Roll Call of Teams, and Organizations doing things in some of the world’s most difficult places. (05/02/15)
  • Mentor Not Available – Learning how to find guidance from others when a mentor is nowhere to be found. (09/02/15)
  • Faith and the Feelings – How one of the biggest breakthroughs in my faith was allowing it to feel unreal. (12/02/15)
  • Selective Listening – Choosing where to draw the line in the sand that sets apart my identity. (19/02/15)
  • Two New Eyes – The last few years of my life have greatly revolved around travel. I’m moving forward into a new stage. (23/02/15)

January 2015

  • So Full of Life – Last year was marked by mountaintop experiences, awful tragedies, and new beginnings, all of which taught me the beauty of a “full” life. (01/01/15)
  • Announcing: If Not For Second Chances – I wrote a new book! And you’ll be able to buy it very soon. (05/01/15)
  • Notes from Visiting California – Deanna and I got to spend our Christmas in California. It was our first time back since we moved to Oregon. (08/01/15)
  • New Years at the Lodge – Beginning 2015 with an amazing, restful weekend in Southern Oregon. (12/01/15)
  • Five Years Time – Five years ago was when I began my 365 Project. It was also when I made some big changes to how I approached life. (15/01/15)
  • My Favorite Photos of 2014 – A look at my favorite 25 shots from the past year and the stories behind them. (19/01/15)
  • Invisible Children and Growing Up – Last month, Invisible Children announced they were ending most operations. Here’s how the organization changed the justice conversation as I grew up. (22/01/15)
  • The 1,001 Day Quest… The Final Stretch – Six months remain on my 1,001 Day Quest, and nearly half the items remain unchecked. Can I pull this off? (26/01/15)
  • What Good Are Heroes? – Biopics and the importance of the stories that they tell. (29/01/15)

December 2014

  • 2014: A Year Lived Fully – The big moments, the highlights, and the challenges of a full year. (29/12/14)
  • The Nightstand, vol. 4 – A few sources of inspiration and entertainment during my first season in Oregon. (22/12/14)
  • Our Engagement Shoot – Deanna and Philippe, Eugene, OR. Photos by Becky Davis Photography. (18/12/14)
  • What Really Matters – Keeping focused on the things that will matter when it’s all said and done. (15/12/14)
  • Compassion and Cringeworthy Comments – There is a time and place to respond to problematic statements, and it definitely isn’t all the time, online. (11/12/14)
  • When Impact Seems Invisible – How I learned to be cool not always seeing the results. (08/12/14)
  • It Cannot Be Ignored – The way we respond to the deaths of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, reveals where we stand in history. (04/12/14)
  • Hello, Reedsport – Fun times on a quick getaway to the coast (01/12/14)

November 2014

City of Reedsport // 15 November 2014 // Reedsport, Oregon

October 2014

  • What I Like About Eugene – [Philippe Lazaro Photography] I’ve only lived in Eugene for a short while but there are some very noticeable things that it does really well. (30/10/14)
  • Visiting a Karen Refugee Camp – A visit to a Karen community and a new perspective on refugee camps. (27/10/14)
  • A Daily Battle – When the world feels like a great big war, people aren’t the enemy. (23/10/14)
  • The Heart of a Moment – When making a moment special for someone, don’t forget about him or her. (20/10/14)
  • It’s a Day Worth Remembering – Why doing a little unique something every day matters to me. (16/10/14)
  • End of the Gap – Two years ago, I set out to learn as much about the world and myself firsthand as possible. (13/10/14)
  • Disaster Overload – After a brutal summer, is the world’s attention too exhausted and thin-spread to make a difference? (09/10/14)
  • Whatever Comes Next – How I learned to be completely okay not knowing what comes next in life. (06/10/14)
  • Pre-Engagement Counseling – The rather uncommon way Deanna and I prepared ourselves for this season and the next. (02/10/14)

Big Tree in a Cornfield // 18 October 2014 // Albany, Oregon

September 2014

  • Making a Decision – The story of deciding to move to Oregon, and what I learned about decision making. (29/09/14)
  • The Nightstand, vol. 3 – My inspiration list from the Summer of 2014, including some remarkable cities and experiences and the film Boyhood. (25/09/14)
  • #GirlsRising: An Empowerment Story – A vision of helping a million disadvantaged girls pursue dreams. Guest Post by Olivia Wong. (22/09/14)
  • A Sense of an Ending – Learning how to leave things behind to be present. (18/09/14)
  • Glitter an Inch Deep – Developing real, lasting relationships require some difficult work, but they’re always worth it. Guest Post by Deanna Arner. (15/09/14)
  • Some Thoughts on Strength – Strength is something we were made for. It’s also very misunderstood. (11/09/14)
  • That Time We Went to Montana – [Philippe Lazaro Photography] One week on the road, from Boise to Helena to Glacier National Park (08/09/14)
  • Rise of the Bad Guy – IRAQ: Groups like ISIS and Boko Haram are getting attention like never before. Is that good? (04/09/14)
  • No Matter What – We’re losing our grasp on the art of commitment, and we’re missing out on its beauty. (01/09/14)

Luke’s First Birthday // 02 September 2014 // Bakersfield, California

August 2014

  • See You Later, California! – Leaving the Golden State on a good note. (28/08/14)
  • Life After Peace Corps – Watching yourself change and adapt when immersed in a new culture. Guest Post by Nathalie Flores. (25/08/14)
  • Ferguson’s Hope – MISSOURI: Finding an echo of hope in the mess of Missouri. (21/08/14)
  • We’re Getting Married! – The story of my happiest day. (18/08/14)
  • In The Philippines – Connecting with roots and the long path of history and culture before my life. (14/08/14)
  • Japan With Friends – [Philippe Lazaro Photography] A few days in Tokyo and a culture with many layers. (11/08/14)
  • Traveling Solo – Rediscovering the beauty of traveling alone on a trip to Taiwan. (07/08/14)
  • Lake Tahoe – Different types of adventures help keep things fresh (04/08/14)

Will You Marry Me? // 17 August 2014 // Goleta, California

July 2014

  • Discrimination We Don’t Notice – Discrimination is still widely present, often in ways we don’t even notice. Guest Post by Caytlin Costa. (31/07/14)
  • Completing a Mission – Accomplishing one of my biggest goals of 2014 after letting go of its success. (28/07/14)
  • Visiting Lola – Seeing my 96 Year Old grandma for the first time in five years. (24/07/14)
  • Turn Down For Wat – [Philippe Lazaro Photography] Three Thai temples and finding the personality of a place. (21/07/14)
  • 24 Hours in Seoul – A World Cup game, losing stuff at a great palace, and Korean time travel. (17/07/14)
  • Visiting the DMZ – KOREA: A surreal trip to the most fortified border in the world. (14/07/14)
  • Go Where The Love Is – A summer jam and how it’s shaped the Summer of Kindness (10/07/14)
  • Namsan Tower – One of my favorite nights in Korea– a gorgeous urban hike and a surprise at the finish. (07/07/14)
  • Hidden Cash in Bakersfield – A treasure hunt and the gift of mixing it up. (03/07/14)

Lola // 02 July 2014 // Iloilo City, Philippines

June 2014

  • A Week in Korea – One truly incredible week spent in Seoul. (30/06/14)
  • In a Defector’s Words – My Q&A with a North Korean defector. Guest Interview with Park Young Soo.  (26/06/14)
  • Fragile – My life is a battle between faith and fear. Fear makes a thousand arguments. Faith makes one. (23/06/14)
  • Go Bigger  – Isla Vista and what I learned about chasing bigger things. (19/06/14)
  • Yosemite – [Philippe Lazaro Photography] Camping on my birthday weekend and a reminder to bask in beauty. (16/06/14)
  • The Nightstand, vol. 2 – My inspiration list from the Spring of 2014, including three great albums, and one of the best novels I’ve read in a while. (12/06/14)
  • Fútbol – BRAZIL: World Cup excitement and global soccer as a force for good. (09/06/14)
  • A Journey – My Summer 2014 plans in Asia, and what travel means for me spiritually. (05/06/14)
  • Summer of Kindness – After a month of tragedy, join me in making this summer full of Love. (02/06/14)

Deoksugung Guard // 16 June 2014 // Seoul, South Korea

May 2014

Yosemite // 04 May 2014 // Yosemite National Park, California

April 2014

  • Living Freely – What really happens when you ditch fear and chase freedom. Guest Post by Debbi Shibuya. (28/04/14)
  • Before You Walk Together – Being in a relationship is great, but some things are best discovered solo (24/04/14)
  • My Next Home – Starting this fall, I will be living and studying in… (21/04/14)
  • As an American Abroad – UNITED STATES: How I learned to embrace all that comes with calling yourself an American while overseas. (17/04/14)
  • Healing From Wounds – How I’m learning to appreciate my past hurts for their ability to bring healing to others. (14/04/14)
  • Riots Where I Once Lived – My old hometown erupted in a riot. We settle for living up to reputations instead of better stories. (10/04/14)
  • A Very Close Call – The other weekend, I was in a pretty scary car accident. It reminded me why I choose life. (7/04/14)
  • Let’s Talk About Denver – Scouting out the city of Denver for a potential move to Colorado. (3/04/14)

Himalayan Food // 25 April 2014 // Ventura, California

March 2014

  • How Fear Paralyzes – Learning to move beyond the biggest manipulator. (31/03/14)
  • Rivers to the Ocean – What you’re doing matters, but there is a bigger picture. (27/03/14)
  • Disconnecting to Connect – Strategies I use to make the most of my time online, without spending very much time online. (24/03/14)
  • Forgiveness: Will the Freeze Last? – Forgiveness is a state of the heart, and a theme of the mega-movie, FrozenGuest Post by Matt Lowe. (20/03/14)
  • The Nightstand, vol. 1 – Seven things I’ve been into lately, including a quirky L.A. bookshop and a couple amazing albums. (17/03/14)
  • Our Freedom is to Serve – KANSAS & ARIZONA: Recent events with LGBT injustices show we’ve gotten short sighted with our freedom. (13/03/14)
  • Don’t Just ‘Love On’ Me – One semantic pet peeve, and what it taught me about the bigger picture of Love. (10/03/14)
  • The Hills And Valleys – An acting exercise that helped shape the way I view the highs and lows of life. (06/03/14)
  • The Scars We Share – What is possible when we are truly vulnerable. (03/03/14)

Roxborough State Park // 18 March 2014 // Littleton, Colorado

February 2014

Sequoia National Park // 01 February 2014 // Sequoia National Park, California

January 2014

The Majestic Oak // 04 January 2014 // Rancho Buena Vista, California

December 2013

Mountains in Zion // 08 December 2013 // Zion National Park, Utah

November 2013

San Diego at Night // 27 November 2013 // San Diego, California

October 2013

Murray Family Farms // 19 October 2013 // Bakersfield, California

September 2013

Oregon Stag Sign // 01 September 2013 // Portland, Oregon

August 2013

Castle in the Sky // 16 August 2013 // Vaduz, Liechtenstein

July 2013

Stonehenge // 16 July 2013 // Amesbury, England

June 2013

  • The Great Summer Journey: Bakersfield, Carson, Upland – Part One: Southern California. (30/06/13)
  • 7 Survival Tips for a Rough Job Market – I don’t consider the job hunt to be very much fun, but here are seven things that have helped make it better. (28/06/13)
  • This Is Weakness – The purpose of our weakness that we often try to avoid. (25/06/13)
  • One Year After Graduation – Some thoughts on navigating a tricky transition. (21/06/13)
  • UK 2013 – My Summer 2013 Itinerary for London, Morocco, Germany, Bucharest, Norway and more! (20/06/13)
  • Refugee Response – Engaging the complex crisis. Three challenges facing engagement with the world’s refugee crisis, and how to get past them. (19/06/13)
  • Doing Beats Dreaming – Does talking about our dreams get in the way of us accomplishing them? [Do.] (15/06/13)
  • Getting to Grad School – Mission for May 2013 – Finish studying for the GRE, take the test, and get a satisfying score. (13/06/13)
  • A Year With Deanna – One year of dating an incredible girl. (08/06/13)
  • Eyes on Turkey – The story of the Turkish people that needs to be told. (06/06/13)
  • Create Margin – One ingredient we often ignore that allows us to live free and give more. (04/06/13)

Red Tailed Hawk // 16 June 2013 // San Diego, California

May 2013

The South Park Neighborhood // 29 May 2013 // San Diego, California

April 2013

  • Philippe Lazaro Photography – Introducing my new online portfolio and photography launch site. (27/04/13)
  • What I Learned at Catalyst – A few take-aways from each speaker of the Catalyst 2013 conference. (24/04/13)
  • Live The Story – Through tension, I discover that the way forward is in the story I live. (22/04/13)
  • Attending Catalyst and Visiting Bako – An incredible past few days split between Bakersfield to see Deanna and Irvine for the Catalyst conference. (21/04/13)
  • Scattered Thoughts for Boston – How I want to engage with the Boston tragedy in a different way from either sensationalism or detachment. (20/04/13)
  • Story vs. Stance – Invest in people’s stories, rather than in a position or stance. (14/04/13)
  • 5Cees [VIDEO]– A video I made to highlight the vision and work of the care centre. (11/04/13)
  • Two New Heroes of Mine– Two people I’ve met this year have seriously impacted how I view service and presence for good. (06/04/13)

Kid President and Rainn Wilson at Catalyst // 19 April 2013 // Irvine, California

March 2013

Wild Elephant in the Chobe River // 13 March 2013 // Chobe Park, Botswana

February 2013

Table Mountain from the V&A Waterfront // 18 February 2013 // Cape Town, South Africa

January 2013

  • Friendship with God – Friendship with God is an experience not to be missed out on. It’s something I turn to each time I feel a little spiritually stuck. (29/01/13)
  • Joburg Sinks In – A small peek at my life at the 5Cees centre in South Africa. (26/01/13)
  • Loving the Hood – Immersing into life in a neighborhood with a reputation around Johannesburg. (25/01/13)
  • To Lead Is To Serve – Our definitions of leadership tend to be associations of power and authority. But what really sets a leader apart is service. (24/01/13)
  • Packed for Jozi – Getting nervously excited to get to my next adventure in Johannesburg and meet the kids of 5Cees. (16/01/13)
  • The Very Best Winter Break – How I spent my winter all over California, meeting up with old friends. (15/01/13)
  • A Billion Ambitons. 24 Hours. – I get 24 hours a day. Unfortunately my list of goals requires 700. (12/01/13)
  • The Smallest Things– The ways we evaluate people, respond to situations, process thoughts, etc. reveal our beliefs about the larger narrative we’re living in. (10/01/13)
  • The Free Challenge – How I plan to go slave-free with coffee, clothing, and chocolate in the year 2013, and why I’m up to the challenge. (05/01/13)
  • Welcome to Thirteen – So this is how 2013 begins. On the road again, and, much like 2012, a non-stop whirlwind of adventures. It’s an exciting year. Although I know very little about what to anticipate, uncertainty often means opportunity. (01/01/13)

Downtown Sac // 04 January 2013 // Sacramento, California

December 2012

  • 2012. – 2012. It was a big year. The biggest year yet? I’d say so. (31/12/12)
  • 54321. – New Years is a time for new, and old, and for perspective. While numbers may be arbitrary, sharing newness is a good way to live life.(30/12/12)
  • The Best of 2012: Meals and Media – The Best of 2012 lists continue! My favorite meals, posts, movies, and books of the year. (29/12/12)
  • The Best of 2012: The Mega Playlist – I absolutely love end of the year lists. Here’s my mega playlist, representing 2012 in musical faves. (26/12/12)
  • Shift Tour [VIDEO] – A ten week road trip to change perception of North Korea. (19/12/12)
  • On A Dark Day – A mess of thoughts from a tragic day in Newtown, Connecticut. (15/12/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Texas – Travel stories from the rest of Texas. Featuring College Station, Austin, and San Antonio. (13/12/12)
  • Absolutely Nothing to Envy – A review of the book Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick(07/12/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Dallas – Travel stories from Dallas, Texas. Featuring the Inwood Theatre, Thanksgiving, and the Bishop Arts District. (05/12/12)
  • Why Sufjan Stevens at Emo’s in Austin was the best show I’ve been to yet – A review of Sufjan Stevens’ performance in Austin, TX. (03/12/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Oklahoma – Travel stories from Oklahoma. Featuring Cuppies and Joes, Oklahoma State, and Mexican Food. (01/12/12)

Salvation Mountain // 09 December 2012 // Slab City, California

November 2012

  • Eyes on Gaza: Responding to the Israel-Palestine Crisis – How to approach a complex situation with healthy and constructive dialogue. (28/11/12)
  • Why I’m Skipping Out on Red Dawn – How the remake of the 80s film is furthering a perception of North Korea that empowers its regime and obscures its people. (25/11/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Kansas – Travel stories from Kansas City- both of them, and Wichita. Featuring KU, Wichita State Friends, and a lovely breakfast. (24/11/12)
  • Texas Sized Thanks – This is nothing more than a pretty typical Thanksgiving post. But it’s so necessary. (22/11/12)
  • The Cost of Discipline – True discipline and dedication is something that goes far beyond any routine. (21/11/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: St. Louis – Travel stories from St. Louis, Missouri. Featuring the Gateway Arch, St. Charles, and Fulton. (19/11/12)
  • B.O.H. Student Scholarships – Education in Uganda will provide a long term path for Ugandans to pursue pathways out of poverty. (18/11/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Indy – Travel stories from Indianapolis, Indiana. Featuring Monument Circle, the Indy Public Market, and the IC Roadies. (17/11/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Ohio – Travel stories from Columbus and Cincinnati. Featuring Ohio State, Jeni’s Ice Cream, and Jungle Jim’s. (16/11/12)
  • The Reason for this Madness – Through all the ups and downs of tour, there’s one very important piece of perspective to hold on to: purpose. (12/11/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Michigan – Travel stories from all over Michigan. Featuring Berrien Springs, Ann Arbor, and 8 Mile. (11/11/12)
  • A Home in Every Place – Hospitality is quite a blessing on both the giving and receiving ends. Trust me on this one. (09/11/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Chicago (Part 2) – Travel stories from Chicago, Illinois. Featuring Urbana-Champaign, Overflow Coffee, and Grant Observatory. (06/11/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Chicago (Part 1) – Travel stories from Chicago, Illinois. Featuring Millenium Park, Lou Malnati’s, and Danny’s visit. (05/11/12)
  • Of People and Politics – Our politics only hold any significance if they’re centered around the idea that people matter. (03/11/12)

LiNK at Oklahoma State // 21 November 2012 // Stillwater, Oklahoma

October 2012

  • Only Love – The three simple words “God is Love” have so many implications, there’s no need to add anything else to that thought. (31/10/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Wisconsin – Travel stories from Eau Claire, Madison, and Milwaukee. Featuring State Street, the Milwaukee Public Market, and some cheese curds. (30/10/12)
  • Nomad Life – Living out of a van on tour for a non-profit. It’s my life and I love it. (28/10/12)
  • The Two Year Journey – Forecasting some vision for what I seek from the next 1,000 days. (27/10/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Twin Cities – Travel stories from Minneapolis and St. Paul. Featuring Eat Street, the Mall of America, and the University of Minnesota. (25/10/12)
  • The Illusion of Security – In a sense, our security and safety is never guaranteed- so why live like it is? (24/10/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Iowa – Travel stories from my time all over Iowa. Featuring Iowa State, University of Iowa, and River Music Experience. (20/10/12)
  • Review: Freelance Whales, Diluvia – A review of the Diluvia by Freelance Whales. (19/10/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Nebraska – Travel stories from my time in Lincoln & Omaha, Nebraska. Featuring the capitol, the Omaha Marketplace, and the Old Mattress Factory. (17/10/12)
  • Summer Reads 2012 (Part 2) – Reviews of Ben Patterson, Mark Haddon, Donald Miller, Conor Grennan, and Joydeep Roy-Bhattachrya (16/10/12)
  • Freelance Whales at the Maintenance Shop – A review of Freelance Whales’ performance in Ames, IA. (13/10/12)
  • SHIFT Tour: Colorado – Travel stories from my time in Colorado Springs & Denver, Colorado. Featuring Garden of the Gods, P.B. Jellies, & Larimer Square. (10/10/12)
  • Dear New England [VIDEO] – Last Spring Break, Tim, Holly, Eirik, Raquel and I took a road trip through New England(07/10/12)
  • The Age of High Ideals – When hanging out with an older crowd reminded me that convictions are so much more than youthful idealism. (06/10/12)
  • TEN: Ten amazing memories after 1,000 days of photos – Having taken a photo of each of the past 1,000 days, I’m glad I had a camera on hand to capture some amazing times. (03/10/12)

Rain Soaked Madison by Night // 17 October 2012 // Madison, WI

September 2012

The LiNK Intern Team // 27 September 2012 // Los Angeles, California

August 2012

Lovely Palo Alto Streets // 08 August 2012 // Palo Alto, California

July 2012

Wine and Cheese Shop // 21 July 2012 // Solvang, California

June 2012

  • Summer Reading 2012 – The books I hope to read during the summer of 2012! (29/06/12)
  • Love Really Does – A review of the book Love Does by Bob Goff. (25/06/12)
  • Photo Essay: The Love Dungeon – A photographic tribute to the men of 6517 El Nido Lane. (21/06/12)
  • Joy and Memory – Nostalgia can be sad, but memory is also an essential component of pleasure. (20/06/12)
  • UCSB and The Last Four Years – Reflecting on the changes within me over the past four years of school. (19/06/12)
  • A Tribute to The Love Dungeon – A tribute to the house I shared with seven of my best friends, and the eternal connections made. (17/06/12)
  • Last Day of a Great Job – I’ve worked with autistic kids over the past year and they’ve taught me so much about being human. (14/06/12)
  • College: I’m Done – College is usually marked as a period of life full of poor decision making. Here are some of my best decisions. (13/06/12)
  • After a Year With Bridges – A year of intentionally building relationships with international students will always be a highlight. (12/06/12)
  • Be Like Daniel – There’s a kid in San Diego everybody could learn a little something from. (10/06/12)
  • Ben Howard at Soho – A review of Ben Howard’s performance in Santa Barbara. (07/06/12)
  • A Marathon of a Weekend – A banquet, a marathon, a concert, and baptisms all allowed me to appreciate some amazing people in my life. (05/06/12)

UCSB Bridges 2011-12 // 10 June 2012 // Santa Barbara, California 

May 2012

  • Hope Keeps a Beat – What the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars show us about hope in a dire circumstance and what makes life life. (30/05/12)
  • Dance Away – Dance makes a powerful metaphor for the thing we know as relationship. Dance is a response to music. (29/05/12)
  • Worthy Commitments – Love, among other things is a commitment, and commitment matters. (25/05/12)
  • Uncertainly – Time is running out, we need a place to live, and I’m in need of a job. I have no idea what those things will look like in one month’s time. (22/05/12)
  • Disposable People, Essential Book – A review of the book Disposable People by Kevin Bales. (21/05/12)
  • The Grace Experience – My Senior Snippet delivered in front of UCSB Real Life. (18/05/12)
  • Icelandic at Heart – The northern, mysterious, strange nation and I have a few things in common. (15/05/12)
  • Putting Bliss on a Map – A review of the book The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. (12/05/12)
  • Faith Goes Abroad – An interview with my friend Sarah about the growth of my faith while traveling abroad. (11/05/12)
  • Are You A Big Picture Person or a Detail Oriented Person? – The world has both big picture people and detail oriented people, and it needs both. (09/05/12)
  • 22 Things I Didn’t Know So Well When I Was 21 – My birthday tradition of life lessons. (05/05/12)
  • Waffles: The Antidote to Doubt – The anecdote of doubt is Love, and I’ve learned  you should focus on what you’ve already been blessed with. (04/05/12)
  • A Drawing of Human Rights – Did I just want to draw a child slave and cross it out with some giant X. Is human rights simply the absence of all these ills? (02/05/12)

Los Angeles Dodgers v. Milwaukee Brewers // 28 May 2012 // Los Angeles, California 

April 2012

Sunrise at Knapp’s Castle // 22 April 2012 // Santa Barbara, California 

March 2012

  • Live Free Or Die – Travel stories from my time in Manchester, New Hampshire. Featuring The Zimmerman House, cold parks, and The Puritain. (27/03/12)
  • I Think I’ll Go To Boston – Travel stories from my time in Boston, Massachusetts. Featuring Harvard, America’s Oldest Tavern, and The Freedom Trail. (26/03/12)
  • Stuff Bigger Than Us  I’m naturally a skeptic. Belief doesn’t come very easy for me. And that has a very interesting impact on me as a person of faith. (22/03/12)
  • Artwork Is Work  Great artwork often takes a lot of time and perseverance. Are you just busy or are you an artist at work? (21/03/12)
  • Learned From Teaching  A few life lessons I’ve picked up from my first time as a classroom teacher of sorts. (17/03/12)
  • A Toast to Theatre 65 – My sendoff speech to the public speaking class I taught for a quarter. (15/03/12)
  • Kony, Kony, Kony (Part 2) – A response to the madness that has erupted from Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign. (10/03/12)
  • Kony, Kony, Kony (Part 1) – A response to the madness that has erupted from Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign. (09/03/12)
  • Review: Blue Like Jazz (2012) – The upcoming film based on Donald Miller’s book is a story, not a sermon. (06/03/12)
  • Threads of Hospitality – How the vision of the Justice Conference I attended was reflected in the kindness of the woman who hosted me. (01/03/12)

Vermont State House // 27 March 2012 // Montpelier, Vermont 

February 2012

  • The Justice Conference 2012 – A weekend at the Oregon Convention Center full of art, speakers, and organizations focused on Justice. (29/02/12)
  • Portland – Travel stories from my time in Portland, Oregon. Featuring Powell’s, Henry’s Tavern, and Grey Skies. (28/02/12)
  • The Most Significant Valentine’s Day – Believe me when I say, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck. (15/02/12)
  • That Day In February – An old post that may be encouraging for those not looking forward to Valentine’s Day. (14/02/12)
  • Just A Few Words – If you can’t explain what you believe simply, maybe you don’t quite understand it enough. (13/02/12)
  • I Really Wanted To Punch This One Guy – Sometimes people get testy, but grace is still essential. (11/02/12)
  • You Spread A Message – Whether you intend to or not, the way you live sends a message. The question is “what?” (06/02/12)

Downtown PDX // 24 February 2012 // Portland, Oregon

January 2012

  • Dinner With Julius – Former Ugandan LRA child soldier-turned-Olympic record setter Julius Achon is one of the most inspiring people I know. (27/01/12)
  • Why In The First Place – There are things you do day in and day out. But they matter more. Why did they even start? (26/01/12)
  • Review: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2012) – The adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s masterful novel is an emotional jackhammer. (23/01/12)
  • Finding Beauty – Beauty is honesty and honesty is vulnerability. Beauty is something that’s already there. (16/01/12)
  • Why I Hate Semantics, But Love Semantics – A recent viral video reminds us that words can make people who agree argue. (13/01/12)
  • Your Museum – It’s a deep belief of mine that we’re all commissioned to be artists. (10/01/12)
  • You. The Artist. – Maybe you consider it your career, your hobby, your passion, or your family role. But really, it’s your art. (05/01/12)
  • We’re Making Goals! – More than the resolution, I value the goal. Here’s a few of mine for 2012. (02/01/12)
  • Hello, 2012! – Here’s looking up at my graduation, my entry into the “real world,” and my 22nd year on Earth. (01/01/12)
Lake Naci // 28 January 2012 // Lake Nacimiento, California


December 2011

  • Dear 2011, – Our adventure took us to Buenos Aires, through a 27-unit summer, and a crazy house called the Love Dungeon. It was a story about hope. (31/12/11)
  • The Best of 2011 – My favourite movies, albums, songs, books, and pieces of writing from the year that was 2011(31/12/11)
  • Review: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand  A review of Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. (29/12/11)
  • My Aunt, The Giver  My aunt Ella is the most generous person I know. I mean, it’s not even close. (23/12/11)
  • Risk and Relationship  Every truly great relationship involves some risk. How many truly great relationships don’t exist due to unwillingness to risk? (17/12/11)
  • Notes from a Guestbook  The lived life of a high school physics teacher remind us that the simple things we do daily matter so much. (12/12/11)
  • Real Learning and my Haiti Class  A class on Haiti taught me not just about the country, but how to truly inspire interest. (08/12/11)

 The Southern Pacific Love Dungeon // 03 December 2011 // Goleta, California

November 2011

  • Review: The Way (2011) – It’s a film with heart, characters that matter, and the soul of a good story. (27/11/11)
  • Be Thankful and Live – If life is a gift, then the way to use that gift is to live- really, really live. (25/11/11)
  • Take Back Friday – Don’t be oblivious to the irony of it all, turn Black Friday into Buy Nothing Day. (24/11/11)
  • The Civil Wars at the Lobero Theatre – A review of The Civil Wars’ performance in Santa Barbara. (19/11/11)
  • Loved it. Chose it. – When life gets busy, it can be frustrating. Just remember, the things that keep you busy are things you chose. (16/11/11)
  • Occupy Philippe. – With all the occupying going on lately, people notice something is terribly wrong with the way the world works. What is it? (07/11/11)

 The Gaslamp Quarter by Night // 26 November 2011 // San Diego, California

October 2011

  • Grad School – I think I have some rough plans about something I’d like to do in the near future. (31/10/11)
  • The Teaching Adventure – Next January, I will begin my experience teaching a public speaking class. (27/10/11)
  • Telling The Story – Scene by scene, our stories matter. They’re worth retelling- even to ourselves. (24/10/11)
  • Qaddafi – Libya’s former tyrannical dictator was killed today. A reaction on justice, law, and tragedy. (21/10/11)
  • Measuring Faith -How is one supposed to measure faith? Is such an idea even possible? (16/10/11)
  • Classic Sabbath  Honoring a weekly sabbath day isn’t just one of the ten commandments. It’s also a ridiculously fulfilling idea. (04/10/11)
  • Doing What I Love  School keeps me busy. Relationships keep me busy. My job keeps me busy. Yet I do them all because I love them. (02/10/11)

 Lane Farms // 11 October 2011 // Goleta, California

September 2011

 The Streets Have Hills // 10 September 2011 // San Francisco, California


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