The Job Hunt Grind

The people who say looking for a job can be a full time job in and of itself are right. I’ve been at it pretty diligently this month and I feel good going into February.
The biggest challenge of looking for a job, in my opinion, is that suddenly life becomes all about what you don’t have. You know, the lack of job. And that’s especially true in my scenario where I’m probably gonna relocate. Cause then it gets harder to find non-work things to get involved with since you can’t make a long commitment.
But I totally dislike the idea of defining life by what you don’t have. I have a lot of great people in my life, an adventurous spirit, and a few secret projects up my sleeve I haven’t announced yet. I decided earlier this week that I would try to be the ‘Best Unemployed Person’ out there. How you even define that, I’m not sure, and the competition’s steep with Barack Obama and Chase Utley also on the job market.
I figured one way to start would be to not use up all my time tweaking my resume, but to also use portions of the day to do things I don’t get to really do when working. I gave the house a good cleaning to make Deanna happy. I sent a letter getting in touch with South Africa. I’ve also made it my most well read year so far- January and I’ve read five and a half books. If these are the cards I’m dealt, I’ll wanna be sure to play all of them.


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