Portillo’s Stop

Every week I make sure that one of my posts is a curation of “good things” that are making me happy this week. The wild week that it was reminds me why it’s important to keep looking for these things, and I’ve decided to restructure a little bit. I’ll be posting one good thing that’s happening in the world, one good thing happening in my own life, and one thing making me happy from the world of art and pop culture.
In the world, I absolutely loved being a part of the Women’s March, and knowing that it was the largest gathering of its sort ever was reassuring. It’ll take a little while for that reassurance to turn into real change, but changes that last are always those that are driven by large swaths of people who embrace better ideas. These shape and outlive top-level changes, even if they take longer to create an impact.
I’ve also started hearing back from a few places I sent resumes too– a lot of “we’ve already filled the positions,” but if you’ve ever been on a mass job hunt, you’ll know sometimes hearing back at all is a kind of a miracle. And guess what? They weren’t all rejections. Some were a little more interested in getting to know me.
And lately I’ve been watching my way through The Man in The High Castle. The show moves really slowly, so this is my third attempt to get through it. Last week I was sick for a day and saw enough to get hooked to the story. And in terms of visuals, this show has crafted something fascinating. The aesthetics are probably half the reason I keep watching.


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