Snowy Millennium

Good morning, my peeps! How nice does a quiet morning seem right now?
One thing I’ve been intent on doing while I have more time on my hands than usual has been to start to archive a lot of my past writing and other work. Since I’ve written some in book chapters that were never used, blogs that went long abandoned, and in other memos here and there, I’ve been trying to piece together work that I once spent quite a bit of time on.
So far it’s been a wild ride looking as far back as 2010 and getting to remember all the places life took me so far. Study abroad stints and impulses in idealism and postgraduate odd-jobs. The early days of being married, thoughts on world events that now count as historical, and all the travels. I’m thankful to have written things down while they were happening.
It’s also been a nice reminder that I never could’ve predicted all the places I’ve wound up so far, which is reassuring, since I also have no idea what comes next!


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