“There is no improving the future without disturbing the present.”

–Catherine Booth

I think I’m a pretty natural peacekeeper. In other words I often go out of my way to avoid confrontation. For the most part, I like that I’m stingy about expressing anger, but it is definitely both a strength and weakness.
These days, I’m challenged in a good way to see the difference between peacekeeping and peacemaking. Peacekeeping makes a priority out of avoiding confrontation but peacemaking involves actively challenging the systems, people, and ideas that (intentionally or unintentionally) prevent others from experiencing peace— feeling safe from bigotry, feeling able to walk at night without fear, feeling financially able to give their family a decent life, and so many other ways.
Challenging people in this way isn’t easy. You also have to earn the relational capital that it takes to be listened to, and you have to start by challenging yourself. But blessed are the peacemakers, and I think that calls for more than just peacekeeping.


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