Three Important Reminders from Joshua DuBois

On the morning after the election, one of my favorite people I’ve never met, @heydubois posted a little list of things to remember. I’m going to add some of my own, and at least once straight up paraphrase him ‘cuz it was so good.
1) Deep breath. I dunno if you believe in God in the same way I do, but I’m a believer that the world and my own security will always rest in much bigger hands than whoever signs laws at a given time. Whatever your beliefs, know that your life is far bigger than politics. They matter, sure, but there are other parts of your life that matter even more. If you get the grace of awareness on your last night on earth, you’ll remember kisses and births and people. Not campaigns and debates.
2) Do what you can and know what you can’t. It’s the Serenity Microprayer. 20-40 years down the road, what will you be telling the grandkids about your part in all of this? When they look through your old posts, will they be proud? Did you speak up for those who were being discriminated against? Did you fight for the things that matter? Winning every fight isn’t a reasonable expectation, but giving your all to each one is. If you do exactly that, you’ll have no regrets.
3) Be a compassion machine. The next few years will be full of tears and tempers and tearing each other apart. It’ll be a suffocating smog to so many. But plant your feet firmly in unconditional love and your very existence will be the most refreshing thing.


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