Optimism, hope, thoughtfulness, inclusion and invitation of others, good taste and class and integrity, determination, humility. What a terrific legacy. I would love for these things to be said about me one day.
I’m sure you’ve noticed how so many of the worst things in the world are contagious. Diseases, sure. And self-righteousness and fear and cynicism and us versus them thinking. Those things are diseases too, and once you allow yourself to be a medium for their growth, then you become their host and a vehicle for them to find their next target.
The good thing is that a good legacy is also contagious. I’m sure you can also think of a few people who lived such a brilliantly good life that you appreciate your own even more. That you want to use your life as well as you possibly can.
That’s a contagion I’ll happily spread. Times change and take away our heroes of the past. But change also gives us the ones yet to come, thanks to the carriers of hope, grace, and the things worth living for.


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