Top Golf

When I was 13 years old- I took a trip to Chicago with a friend of mine from middle school. Somehow we talked out parents into this and I should’ve gone into law with those persuasive skills.
My cousin Al hosted us for the week. We helped pay our way by wallpapering his house and he treated us to the most epic week in Chicago there ever was… at least by the standards of a thirteen year old. We raided White Castle, saw the Blue Man Group, hung at ESPN Zone, ate 14 types of meat at a Brazilian place, and watched the Cubs from a Wrigley rooftop. (Okay most those things still sound pretty fun to an adult.)
Now, visiting at age 26 and married, Al’s hospitality skills have not changed one bit. He took Deanna and I out to feast at Portillo’s, to walk around Naperville in the snow, to get fancy hot cocoa, and to go hit golf balls at neon targets in 20 weather from a triple decker driving range.


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