I tried doing the Best Nine thing and… the results were kinda dumb. Half of the photos weren’t even from 2016. So I went and made my own collage of some of the things I’ll remember most about this year.
We visited all Seven Wonders of Oregon. The state felt like home in ways it hadn’t before.
I went back to South Africa three years after volunteering at an orphanage- and got to bring Deanna this time.
After a scary health episode early in the year, Deanna not only recovered but in some ways was better than before. As Daniel put it, she’s growing a third lung.
We adopted Beignet. I got up at 2 AM to stake out the puppy shelter like it was Black Friday. All worth it for our girl.
I ran my first half marathon, and even more surprising, I actually started to enjoy running.
We went to New York! Actually, we’re still currently in New York! But this pic is a stand-in for all the other great American cities we saw this year: Kona, San Francisco, Providence, Salt Lake, Chicago, Austin, etc.
On a sad note, I lost my grandma at the age of 98. I spent four days in a plane so I could spend two days in the Philippines for her memorial. Zero regret.
I made it to country number 39. Swaziland is gorgeous.
I finished grad school at UO with two Masters Degrees, which segways nicely into 2017. What’s next? We’ll find out together.

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