Cooking Flops

Biggest Cooking Flops

This year I’ve been challenging myself to cook something new every week to sharpen my skills. I made a 52 item list a year ago, and I only have three items left to make.
Most of it has turned out pretty good, and I’m sure I’m a much better cook now versus January. But not everything turned out so great. These were my worst items-
Gorgonzola Ravioli– Eventually I got this right, but it took three failed attempts of making goopy squash and dough blobs.
Chestnut Bisque– The bisque just came out way too chunky. The taste was decent, but it was so heavy I kept turning to the pork rind garnish as a palate cleanser.
Grown Up BLT– My over ambitious approach got the best of me, and most of my attempts to spruce up a classic BLT didn’t quite work. Sundried tomatoes and fancy uncured bacon did me no favors, nor did the homemade bread I tried to use. I would wanna give the concept another shot, though, starting with fried green tomatoes.


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