Orcas Island

I’ve mostly been focused in on Portland or SoCal as mine and Deanna’s next home. Wherever it ends up being, we hope it can be a little more permanent of a place. No more of this every-two-years business.
Going back to SoCal has one big obvious appeal, and that is family. And that’s pretty huge. I have some relatives who are getting older who I really want to spend as much time as possible with the next few years, not to mention others who are at a similar stage of life as Deanna and I, and it’s exciting to hit milestones together. Plus I still have the majority of my friends back there and community will be one of the biggest draws. I don’t really like the cost of living, or the lack of seasons, but people are a big deal.
Then there’s Portland. I’ve loved it forever and it’ll feel somewhat like a jip to have lived so close for two years but never actually in it. The seasons, the outdoors, and the culture are all very much to my liking, and I have an increasing amount of friends slowly migrating there. It doesn’t have family, which is a big absence, but when I think of the family I hope to raise someday, I’m much more intrigued by raising a kid in the Northwest instead of the Freeway Jungles of SoCal. They need to experience falling down from trees and all that. Plus, I’ve been good at gently swaying more than a couple people to move up here.
I’ll probably just take whichever job is higher paying. Cause whichever spot wins out, I’m gonna want a whole lot of plane tickets to the other one.


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