Dee & Bem

I post a little recap every week of some of the things making me happy. It’s the simplest thing but this week’s a good reminder of why I do my best to add as much positivity into people’s news feeds as I can.
So here we go again.
I found a random movie on Netflix called ‘Dough.’ I put it on to have something going on in the background while working and it turned out to be really good. If you think you could go for a more uplifting story about a Muslim refugee from Ethiopia and an old Jewish baker who learn to get over their differences while making pastries, here you go.
And speaking of movies, I discovered the Coburg Pizza Company which not only makes the best pizzas in the Eugene area, but also doubles as a video rental shop. My one gripe is that I wish I lived closer!
Also along the lines of Best in Town, Oakshire Brewing continues to win me over. Especially with their new seasonal release of their Gose To 11 Ale. Sour as I like it.


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