Election Night 2016

So, yeah, about tonight…
It goes without saying that I share a lot of the same concerns many people have about the president-elect. Zero experience is one thing, but for over a year, I’m pretty sure he’s just been working his way down a checklist of groups to insult and threaten. Veterans and purple heart awardees and fallen soldiers’ families. Latinos. Muslims. People of color. Women. Really, really awful things about women. I’ve felt a lot of sadness for people who have felt threatened by these statements.
I’m sure he’s heard the word congratulations a lot tonight. But in a lot of other ways, I feel bad for him too. To have that much disdain for so many groups of people, to have such a thirst for power at all costs, I can only guess that there’s some sort of satisfaction he’s never found in a lifetime of big accomplishments. And I honestly don’t think the White House will be a very good place for him to find that peace.
Well, what’s done is done.
Here’s something helpful to remember– millions of amazing, wonderful, brilliant people live in countries that are ruled by ego-driven authoritarians or are constantly divided by sides literally at war.. It’s not a desirable situation by any means, but I’ve had a chance to meet some mind-blowing individuals who have risen up out of places like Zimbabwe, North Korea, and Afghanistan. Real true beauty can be made in pain and chaos. Meeting them fueled my desire to stand with the oppressed and to do what I can to help them.
What I posted yesterday bears some repeating. Today we all made decisions and a lot of us aren’t thrilled with the results. But tomorrow, we’ll also be making decisions that shape how we want to live. We’ll decide who to show kindness to, how to dedicate our 24 hours, and what we’ll put our hope in.
Just a quick scan of my newsfeed shows there are a lot of people looking for some hope and kindness. Now, more than ever. Along with disappointment comes opportunity. Now let’s rise up and do this.
(Or go to bed, then rise up and do it. It’s late.)


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