Andrew’s Photoshoot

Put the finishing touches on my friend Andrew’s photoshoot this week. If you need a pianist my friends, book him. And if you don’t need a pianist, just imagine how much more fun your house would be with a hired pianist livening up your living room.
Here are some things making me happy this week.
The World Series, not a fan of either team so that means I’m pulling for the Cubbies for sure. This is the first series in a long time where I feel like the two most deserving teams this year are actually in it. Last time I recall was 2009.
I had such a fun weekend trip back in California. Good friends, lots of food, people gonna get married and such. What more could you ask for?
Also, I bought a wallet. A Pendleton wallet with one simple fold and pocket, so I’ll actually use it. For a while I stopped using a wallet and just carried my cards around in an exposed stack like some teenage boy. Whenever I did have a wallet, I wouldn’t actually put cards in, I’d just wrap the wallet around the outside. Now that I have one that fits my card-inserting-laziness, I can say bye to scratched out card numbers.


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