Texas Nephews

Loved getting to hang out with these two in Texas the other week. They loved getting to hang out with this parrot.
Here’s a few things making me happy this week.
Deanna’s birthday weekend was so much fun! Having Bre, Jesse, and Raquel in town was a treat, and we mostly spent it just doing whatever felt enjoyable and of course, eating at some of our most favorite places.
One of my favorite podcasts, On The Media, has been doing special segments exploring poverty in America and popular myths that surround it- all across the political spectrum. I’ve liked it a lot! It looks at the different “varieties” of poverty common in the country and challenges some of the notions I’ve held.
And… it’s very much fall in the Northwest, and I love it. I happen to think we get an especially pretty taste of the season every time this part of the year comes around.


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