A.M. Coffee

It seems like the news gets more and more horrific and contentious every year. I try to balance my hope for progress and belief that human horrors are nothing new with the simple reaction of hearing things and going ‘It really does seem to be getting worse.’
Last week an unarmed black man was shot in San Diego, bringing a recurring national nightmare to where I grew up. Sometimes there is room for these things to strike in an even fiercer, more personal way. Like a school shooting at my alma mater. Or another one an hour from my house. These things have all happened.
I used to be a much bigger advocate of people staying informed. Now I feel like more people are so well informed but unsure of what to do with all the info. It can be so easy to have it distract us from the little things with great love we can do. We hear about these things at such a frenzy and the things we can do seem so limited.
That’s not to say we can’t do anything. It may seem disconnected but outbursts of racial tensions and gun violence are still an urgent call us to do the best job we possibly can at our day’s tasks, to be as present as possible to those around us, and to act with compassion and grace.
Augustine of Hippo once said that people will always say things like “the times are bad!” He counters by saying “We are our times. Let us live well and times will be good.”
Live well today- the stuff on the news is only a sporadic overflow of the small pieces we contribute to our times on a daily basis.


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