Road Puppy

A dog that loves the road this much clearly belongs in our family. Happy to be reunited with Beignet after the weekend.
Here’s a few things making me happy this week.
My friends came through on making a pretty good queso recommendation for me- Torchie’s Tacos. Not to be overshadowed, their tacos were also pretty good. I’d recommend both the Democrat and the Republican- bet you haven’t heard someone say that in a while.
We were hosted by our friend Julian’s family while in town and while we were all over the place with the wedding they were so accommodating and hospitable. I love the art of giving and receiving good hospitality freely. You wind up with friends everywhere.
Finally, to make a long story short, I lost my keys somewhere deep in the heart of Texas. Car key, house key… and it was looking like it would be pretty difficult to drive home to Eugene and pick Beignet up from the sitter without those things. Thankfully a friend had a copy of our house key and for some reason, a spare car key I never knew existed showed up in my backpack. Our only loss was one hour and no money, while we were looking at a week and hundreds of dollars. Praise. The. Lord.


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