Rogue River

“That’s what storytellers do. We restore order with imagination.”

–Walt Disney

A good Sunday like this one is never quite complete if I haven’t taken some time to follow some spontaneity and allow myself to get completely taken away by something that takes over my imagination.
There’s no telling what it’ll be. Lately, it’s been cookbooks. Really well done cookbooks, where recipes are the solid, but also accompanied with great writing, brilliant photography, and other bits of fun. Outside of a niche community, people tend to overlook how much of an art these are.
A lot of times it’s a physical location that amuses me. I’ll want to explore a random store I keep passing by, more interested in what they have and why they have it than I’m interested in buying anything.
I love days like this. They’re to the week what the playground is to the schoolyard.


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