Stormy Coast

Some people really easily gravitate towards saying no. Others say yes way too easily and too often.
I fall into that latter category. I hate closing doors and cutting myself off to possibilities. I hate that choosing to live in one city means not living in any other cities. I can so easily sign up for pretty much every opportunity.
Unfortunately, all of us are finite. We have limited amounts of hours in a day, days in a lifespan, energy in a human body, and abilities to do things well. Whenever finite resources are involved, economics becomes a thing. And not knowing how to say no can really cheapen the value of yes.
Overall, I like that I’m a person who really easily says yes to life. But here’s the way I’m reframing that trait– I’m making sure my yes still holds a lot of value by saying yes to fewer things, but by making sure it’s a really solid YES. Whatever projects I take on in the near future, I want to make sure they’re worth the investment. I need to know that they can be things through which I actually add value to the world and can do pretty well. It’s a work in progress.

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