15 September 2010

My dad had me late in life. He would be in his seventies now, and he was the youngest of his siblings. The generation above me is in the same age range as most of my friends’ grandparents. It meant that as a kid, I went to Atlantic City way too much, but it also meant that I had lots of family wisdom to get handed down.
With my uncle’s passing, my dad has just two siblings remaining, and they happen to be the two I’m closest too. They not only played a major role in my growing up, but I’ve tried my best to see them as possible. They lived in between my parents and I while I was in college, so every visit home was accompanied with a pit stop at their house in Carson where I’d get fed as much food as possible.
I value being around my older family members so much. I’m so glad they’ve mostly been blessed with longevity and good health and I hope that this continues. As I get older, I keep looking for opportunities to be closer.


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