Deep Fryer Fun

Here are some of the things making me happy this week.
I just got a deep fryer and I am having so much fun with it. I bought it because I’ve said the phrase “this would’ve been so much better with a deep fryer” a few too many times this year, and because I have some great ideas for doughnut recipes. I broke it in by making some fried catfish lettuce cups.
A trio of albums came out from artists I like last week, and whenever good music comes out in one big grip, it’s hard for me to give each one adequate attention. So I’m going one at a time and starting off with the new Local Natives album. It’s good. It’s grown on me even faster than their other two so far.
And we’re also officially going to Austin in a couple weeks! Just got our tickets booked. And by tickets to Austin, we mean Dallas plus a rental car, since we can’t afford the convenience of a direct flight!


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