City of Joseph

Just some morning thoughts. Being able to walk in peace is a gift and a superpower.

The more familiar you get with the world, the more you start to realize how much of it is designed to freak you out. TV news has this down to a science. So does advertising. The late night infomercials where people suffer from severe accidents because they don’t have a state-of-the-art living room ramp are the most exaggerated version of this, but it’s pretty much everywhere.

A sense of humor goes hand in hand with peace, because there’s so much stuff you just need to laugh off.

Of course the world has plenty of stuff worth getting angry at. The unequal treatment of women. The terrible things black people in the US have to endure. The “forgotten” countries taken apart by fighting. But at the end of the day, the people who seem to have the biggest impact and make the biggest change are all people who have a spirit of peace… and oftentimes they’re the sort of people who have the best reasons to be angry most of the time.

MLK said that hate is too great of a burden to bear, and I get what he means. The internal fight for peace needs to be won first before fighting for peace in the world


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