Astoria Coffeehouse Bistro

These were my responses to coming across Astoria Coffeehouse Bistro:

Noticing it from across the street while walking towards the waterfront, and thinking it looked pretty eclectic and charming. Walking across the street to check it out up close.

Scanning the menu and being amused by the restaurant’s identity crisis. Everything from oyster to Taco Thursday to sushi night on Tuesdays to brunch corned beef benedicts. This restaurant seemed to go for everything. But at least the menu seemed most of it look pretty appealing.

Convincing Deanna that we should give it a shot.

I ordered an oyster eggs benedict while Deanna got a corned beef skillet. Both were done really well. My oysters were perfectly breaded and crisp. All they needed was a little squirt of lemon. The potatoes were fried with a nice thick crisp to each piece and the eggs were cooked well. The only thing that disappointed was a way too acidic espresso.

After really enjoying the meal, I’d be up for trying their ventures into Japanese or Mexican food. I realized on the way out that if I ran a restaurant it would probably look something like that, with a bizarre, mismatched menu.


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