Foodspotting No. 66 – Steak Tartare

For our first wedding anniversary, I wanted to make sure to choose our dinner spot wisely. We ended up deciding to eat at Marché, the restaurant attached to the 5th Street Public Market, right across from the Inn. We ended up eating in rounds. First a plate of tapenade spreads, then a steak tartare, then halibut crudo and pork belly dishes.

Of all the things I ate there, steak tartare had to be my favorite. The cuts of beef had just the right soft and chewy texture and were well seasoned. Typically, this just hangs out on the bar menu, but I made a special request.

The halibut crudo was also pretty good. I might have preferred a bit of a kick to it, maybe via some sort of pepper, but other than that I wouldn’t have altered it much. The pork belly was fare, albeit nothing really set it apart from the pork-belly-and-polenta dishes I’m finding in more and more places.

I really enjoyed the eating experience at Marché, though, and I’d be back for the right occasion. I finished things off with a Pimm’s cocktail, which was satisfying.

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