Happy USA Day!

Happy 4th of July, everybody! Thrilled to be celebrating with Ivy and JB in Portland this weekend.

I get that sometimes it can way too easy to be disappointed with your country’s social issues and political messes and what not. No matter what political beliefs you hold, I’ll bet there’s some current event out there that you find pretty upsetting. But home is home.

On each of the trips I’ve taken to parts of Africa, I’ve met so many people who’ve shown me how to be proud of your culture, your heritage, and the place you’re from no matter how bad things can get there. I know many North Koreans who would rather be associated with shared values and a cuisine rather than a political regime. Best of all, I’ve noticed a correlation… the more people took ownership of where they were from, the more committed they were to fixing what wasn’t working.

Here’s to home. Embrace it. Escapism helps nobody.

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