23 June 2011

Isla Vista, California

Each of the past few years have brought about so much change. Five years ago, I never would’ve thought that this is how my life would look in 2016. I doubt I would’ve predicted that I’d be married by this point, living in Oregon, enjoying increasingly ordinary things.
I wonder how I would have reacted if I knew this future would be five years away. It wouldn’t surprise me if I would have found that knowledge intimidating. Threatening to a lot of the things I valued more five years ago.
When trying to plan upcoming trips I realized I have absolutely no clue what to anticipate from life beyond six months from now, other than a lot of change. More often than not, I’d really love to know what to expect. To know what I’m looking ahead to.
The one constant through each of the past few years though has been God’s faithfulness to give me what I need to get through each big change. Physical needs, but that’s not just it. Sometimes the thing I’ve really needed at certain times has been a good challenge. Other times, I’ve needed a stubborn resilience to continue ahead in a certain direction without knowing what to expect. Then there’s those seasons where I’ve needed the wisdom to know when to change course.
That was true five years ago, and now, and it’ll be true in six months. It’s good to have a constant like that to lean on.


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