San Diego Harbor

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been really restless lately. I write a lot and talk a lot about how important it is to be present, and I haven’t been doing a very good job of that.

Perhaps it’s because if I didn’t take a leave of absence to go to South Africa in the winter, I’d be done with grad school this week. And I’d be able to look for jobs, hopefully in a city that allows me to be closer to some of the people I care about the most. It’s been hard for me not to keep thinking about being able to work, bringing in a better income for our family, and being able to relocate.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Excitedly, for the most part. Even then, I know I should be more focused on what’s in front of me. Ayudame. Someday soon, today will be nostalgia, and I have a few months left that I can think of as a victory lap.

I guess that makes it perfect timing to take a trip of pure vacation, the one goal being relaxing and doing little that would feel like work. It’s a lot easier to stay focused on what’s in front of me when it’s scenic, and tasty, and ever so chill.


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