Okay, last weekend, most of us were hit by some really sad news. I used to think that with so much terrible news that goes on around the world all the time, things like the sports or entertainment segments of the news were pretty worthless. I’ve changed that outlook, though. They’re largely positive reminders that life is worth protecting because it can produce some great stories.

Speaking of great stories… did you happen to catch what my alma mater did? UCSB not only advanced to the College World Series by beating Louisville, they did it in the most spectacular way possible. I think every kid imagining a high stakes baseball scenario imagines being down by three runs in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded, getting all set up to win the game with a grand slam. How often does this actually happen in real life, though?

This year, it happened at least once! All thanks to the Gauchos. This has been their best baseball season yet, and I’m glad I got to see this team play in person, even if it was a loss to the Ducks.

I’m loving my time in Hawaii thus far, and that’s another good thing this week has going for it. Quality time with the nephews and some shave ice usually gets the job done.

Ah, and all this musubi I’ve been making this week.


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