I’m trying more and more to be the kind of person who leaves thoughtful reviews. Mostly on Yelp and Amazon.

I know that there’s a lot of people who will write a pretty scathing review whenever a bad experience happens while eating out, who never put much thought towards writing positive reviews for good experiences. I’d imagine this doesn’t do much good for a restaurant or independent business.

Plus, I know from running my own podcast and writing a book that reviews really help certain media forms get noticed. Apple, Google, and Amazon use algorithms that make things more visible based on the amount of interactions they get. I’m not disappointed with how either of those projects have gone, but I do know more reviews would’ve been helpful. Then again, I’m not a reviewer by habit. Yet. I’m working on changing that.

Here’s a bonus shot of Xurroland in Portland, which I’ve already raved about a lot and gave high marks to on Yelp. @ivyg0and @jamescolbertv make sure I take you guys here when you come visit in a week!


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