16 June 2014

Seoul, South Korea

Two years ago, I got to live out one of the best summers ever. An overdue month of exploring several Asian countries, a Montana road trip, and at the end, proposing to Deanna.

This is one of the days I’ll always remember most.

Jihyun and I went on a really sweet hike up to Namsan Tower, one of the best places to get a view of all of Seoul. We must have walked for close to two hours, through amazing orchards and eventually into a plaza where a bunch of people had gathered.

We hung out at the tower for a while, and met somebody who was a LiNK supporter. Not only that but he got to meet a few of our colleagues who tragically passed in a car accident that summer. They motivated him to spend his summer in Korea learning about what he could do to help refugees from North Korea. I learned to never underestimate how far your impact just might reach.


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