Roast Coffee

Adventure No. 88

I feel like it’s hard to find somebody in my age cohort that doesn’t at least have a little bit of coffee snob in them. Maybe it’s because finding post-grad employment is so much tougher that a good portion of us have been a barista out of necessity at some point or another. Or maybe it’s because we grew up in the nineties, at a time when Starbucks and Seattle’s Best were dominating the market. Then when we reached adulthood, it was during a small-batch renaissance. Intelligentsia and Stumptown became household names synonymous with cool, and hipster coffee shops popped up everywhere.

True to the spirit of our generation, Deanna and I gave roasting coffee at home a shot. We tried a couple of different methods. We used a popcorn maker for a batch. We also tried a cast iron skillet.

What’s the difference in taste depending on where the beans are coming from? Does home roasting coffee actually save you money? How do you do it and what it’s like?

These are things I used to pretend to know about coffee. Now I know: It’s complicated, it depends, and it’s fun!


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