12 May 2010

Santa Barbara, California

It appears that on this day in history, I had the chance to meet Bill Nye and have a very, very short chat with the Science Guy.
He’s very smart, but also has a tendency to take things a little too seriously. You might’ve picked up on that from his reemergence as a crankier version of his old TV persona, but this was a year or two before his Dancing with the Stars and circular debates with climate change deniers.
He gave a talk at UCSB and mentioned his hopes to go on a space mission. I asked him what he hoped to do in space, and he said that he wanted to make people care more about the earth. Good for Bill. I was expecting an answer more along the lines of ripping open a CapriSun pouch and running all over the spacecraft trying to eat up the floating blobs of juice.


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