Spinach Bacon Souffle

We got a spontaneous visit from Menekse the other night, so Deanna cooked us up a spinach and bacon quiche.
It’s been a quality week. Here’s just a few things I’ve been enjoying–
Macarons – I’m still thrilled off the batch I made over the weekend, especially since it took such a long time and many failed attempts to get it right. Looking forward to experimenting with some more unconventional flavors next time. Matcha, mango, and s’mores, here we come.
Black Panther – As in, the comic book character. When I heard Mr. Jackie Robinson was going to be playing him in the Captain America movie, I was pumped, and now that I’ve seen it, I think he nailed it. I was only a casual fan of superheroes growing up, but this was one character I was unusually fond of. I loved seeing how his fictional kingdom was depicted – an extremely technologically advanced African monarchy. Swaziland meets Silicon Valley. This may be old news to true comic book but I heard that Ta-Nehisi Coates has been writing the current series that I hope to read at some point.
Well done fighting scenes in movies – Along the lines of superhero and action movies, I also watched Ip Man on Sunday night. Captain America and Ip Man are two very different movies, but there’s something so artistic about how the fight scenes in those movies were choreographed. Movie-fight-scenes may be a very, very specific art form but it is most definitely an art form.


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