Team Run DMZ

At least part of the team… Missing a few other faces at the starting line before getting even more separated.

Our goal was to use this half marathon to raise half the funds that it takes to help rescue a refugee from North Korea into safety and resettlement in a free country… Of course, only halfway rescuing somebody is kind of a mean thing to do, so we have eventual plans to raise the other half, but we liked the idea of running for a large portion of the cost.

Funds came in. Especially at the last minute. Somebody anonymously donated a huge amount. Our friend Caytlin gave us a kind gift. Our carboload alone raised a couple hundred.

We came in at $1,275 at the end of race day, which was just $225 short of our target but still a significant amount going to a great cause. Also, the fundraising page is still open, so there’s nothing stopping our goal from being met just because the race is over.

Thank you, to everybody who has supported us, financially or otherwise. One of these days somebody is going to be running with much higher stakes for the chance at a free life and your help will help him or her get there. For real.


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