Thirteen Point One

We did it! I’d like to thank my wife for getting me into running, Beignet Baby for being cool with us gone all morning, the podcasters who make The Splendid Table, the spectators who brought their dogs to cheer me on, the guy running in a Timbers jersey I used to pace myself without his knowledge, and my recent donors- including the overnight massive donation marked anonymous. I can’t rule out the Internet hacking collective, but thank you whoever you are.

I’ll post more later, but some fun stats. I finished in 2:22:58 which was just a bit slower than my anticipated pace. I did finish within seconds of the winner, though. (The winner of the full, but, shhhh…) It was a really good day.

The other number worth noting is $1,225/$1,500, which is to say, we’re $275 off from our final goal. That’s one other finish line I’d love to cross this afternoon. If you’d like please come by – it’s the final stretch for Team Run DMZ.


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