Parmesean Breaded Chicken

I don’t post photos of every meal Deanna makes for me… but lets be real, I post a pretty huge percentage of them. And you can’t really blame me. This food is goooood.

That said, we’ve made it past the midweek mark and my skepticism about the springtime actually being here is beginning to fade with another day of solid sunshine.

Some good stuff happened this week:

Biking the Covered Bridges Bikeway – That was such a good way to spend last Sunday. A phenomenal workout and ride around Dorena Lake.

My cousin Ivy graduated with her DPT – With my half marathon coming up, there’s never been a better time to have a physical therapy doctor in the family. My cousin-sister** is now Dr. Cousin-sister. **Not in the redneck way.

A couple of good friends announced some really good news – And I’ll have to keep it vague! It’s not really my place to be spilling the beans on social media, but simple enough, I’m ecstatic for them.


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