Cove Creek

I’ve been amused for a long time about the layers there are to marketing. You might sell magazines but you’re really offering people a lifestyle. You make a luxury car but you’re really selling people status and validation. As much as we love to hate on businesses, the ones that succeed are the ones that help us have the life we want. The world is fueled by helping.

I realize that in these early stages of my career, I’ve been asking myself questions about what I want— travel, a flexible schedule, a livable income, and building around those priorities, instead of asking what people want and how could I help. I realize now that I’ve been missing the element of service and help.

So now I’m asking myself and trusted friends, what do I have that can help people live the lives they want? What are things I am in a good position to do for you? What’s the sort of thing I can help with? (Seriously, feel free to let me know, even here on the blog) it’s the question of the hour.

I have a few leads… I think I have a unique perspective on adventure that isn’t always an overseas voyage (though it sometimes is.) Most people oscillate between busy and bored and could use that. I also insist on being positive, something that can be refreshing when the world seems nasty. Plus I put a lot of hours into writing, so I hope I’ve developed some skill in that department.

This is a thought quest I’ll be on for the next few months, maybe the rest of the year. Feel free to join the journey. I think I’ve ran into one of those questions worth asking and taking your time with. I even feel like this is one of those dangerous questions, where the process of asking might call me into action. We shall see.



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