Monkey Face

“If we are not here during store hours, we are most likely out on an adventure, scaling a mountainside, wrestling a bear over a salmon we just caught with our bare hands or possibly just running an errand… In which case we will return shortly.”

–Spotted on a storefront in Bend

I love this approach to work. In Italy I would see so many old storefronts with signs that basically said something along the lines of “brb,” some were even closed for a marriage taking place.

It’s not about doing less work. In most ways you have to work harder to have some freedom and flexibility, but one of the most important things for me when deciding whether or not to take on new things or work with certain teams is the question “will this allow me to be my whole self?” The one with a family and other interests that take priority? If not, then I will most likely move on. Life is far too short to have your priorities accommodate less meaningful obligations day in and day out.


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