Oneonta Gorge

These days it’s often easy to feel like positivity has crashed. Maybe it’s because there’s an election coming up that has gone more bizarrely than any in recent history, maybe it’s because we’re all getting older and slowly turning into the grumpy adults we swore we’d never be, or maybe it’s because we’re so hyper-connected that we’re always hearing somebody’s outrage at something.

Even for the most optimistic people and the biggest idealists, I’d say it’s easier than ever to lose heart. When you see an uncle or middle school friend that you thought was a great guy suddenly post pretty racist things online… When people of either political leaning scoff at the other side by default… It’s easy to feel like negativity has grown dominant.

Perhaps it has in some circles. But believe it or not most people are still generally nice and want to be good. It’s important to not be afraid of the world, even if it looks ugly at times, because most of its ugliness is the result of fear. People being afraid of each other and acting on it.

If anything, a time like this is a more important time than ever to be relentlessly positive. There’s more of a need for it than ever, and the world is thirsty for it. I want the messages I send out to be encouraging ones that remind people of their value and the value of other people whether it’s an everyday interaction with someone for a couple minutes or the stuff I write online. Through whatever medium, turn up the good.


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