Great Saturday

Onwards to Easter after an amazing and beautiful Saturday. We’ve spent this weekend outdoors which seems like an appropriate venue for Holy Week.

I’ve heard a professor from Portland explain the importance of the weekend as a whole, and not just Easter. There’s Friday, a time of intense violence, grief, and morning. Saturday is full of ambiguity, uncertainty, and disorientation. Then comes Sunday, resurrection and celebration. But these three days exist as a trinity. They give each other context. In life we experience each of these moments, and it’s important to accept them all in fullness, not overhyping one, as we have the tendency to do.

For me? I tend to have an orientation towards Saturday. Ambiguity. Uncertainty. It’s why so much of my spiritual like comes from asking questions and wondering why, and it’s why I believe faith means committing to a course of action before you have all the answers. I struggle with speaking in absolutes even though I believe there are some.
I was born on a Saturday. Sunday follows.



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