17 March 2014

17 March 2014

Denver, Colorado

Two years ago I took a visit to Denver and came very, very close to moving there. UO threw a much better financial offer my way though, so what can I say, I can relate to the “sellout athletes” a bit more. But I’m in it to win a championship, which the Ducks actually have an outside shot at doing.

I often wonder about how different life would be in Denver versus Oregon. It’s bigger so I suspect Deanna and I would’ve likely bonded with more people and found a bit more of a full social life out there. And we would get way more sun.

But I also wonder if that would’ve also cut me off a bit more from the friends and family I’ve been able to stay close to. Denver’s a less convenient visit from California. If the bigger upside to Oregon was being able to avoid getting disconnected from too many longtime friends, then I suppose we chose well.



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