Pints & Mics EP 17: The Comeback

We’re back! No seriously… we’re actually making a comeback. Here we are! After all, if Full House, Star Wars, and the Gilmore Girls can do it… why not us? We talk a bit about the recent cultural gluttony for nostalgia and whether or not this trend can last. We discuss things that may or may not be due for a comeback. Myspace, anyone? Also… We go month by month to give you a recap on some of our personal lives since our last episode.

• The Bridge SD // Storylines of Thanks by Chris Ward
Vice // How Baseball Fits Into a Modern Montréal

• Chris– Seven Years of Facebook Friendship with Philippe
• Philippe– South Africa

• Chris– New Belgium x Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale
• Philippe– Widmer Steel Bridge Porter

TOP FIVE: Things we’d love to see make a comeback

SHOUTBACK: What things would you love to see make a comeback? Have you seen any of the recent TV show revivals? Are they any good?


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