Wedding Toasts


Toasts are usually one of my favorite parts of a wedding reception… even if I don’t know the bride or groom that well, I feel like I do a little bit better after hearing all the toasts from their friends. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that we had a whole bunch of toasts. The best men and maids of honor, plus Deanna and myself, her dad, a cameo appearance by our ringbearer, and a stand up comedian, because, why not.
It’s impossible to pick a favorite out of this batch, because they were all really, really good. You end up saying quite a bit in a wedding toast that you wouldn’t in real life.
Well, I finally got around to throwing all the clips I could of our wedding toasts all onto one extended video for posterity’s sake. Some are occasionally interrupted by camera cuts, there’s not much fancy editing. Just a bunch of toasts, because with content that good, you don’t really need to dress it up much.

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