Son of Laughter

“He makes us promises about life. I do not know what he promises to the dead if he promises anything… He speaks to us sometimes in dreams that are like torches to light our way through the dark. He gives us daughters and sons so our seed may live after us and the promises he has made us may be kept to the world’s luck and blessing. Perhaps that is enough.”

–Frederick Buechner

I’ve always wanted to read something by Buechner, and Chris helped make that happen by letting me borrow Son of Laughter. It took me a while to open up this book, but once I did it was a smooth and fast read, but also one rich with story. It’s a reimagining of the Genesis story of the Hebrew patriarchs, mostly told through Jacob’s perspective. It’s one that demystifies and humanizes its storytellers far more than how they are usually depicted.

Good read! Now to spend the rest of my Sunday hanging out with Deanna and the other end of the storytelling spectrum by watching some of that Full House revamp.



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